My name is Justin Garcia, also known as Master Chim.

Understanding who is "down", who is "in", and who is NOT is a level of clarity that, when heeded, will have you seeing the Matrix Code in everyday rituals.

I don't have any all-seeing eye or access to the universe's secrets, mind you.

I have lead a life, until now, that has been filled with an incredible amount of pressure and struggle, but benefited from an awareness of what was working and what wasn't, all the while being the most stubborn motherf*cker I've ever known.

Put that recipe together and you have a lens that will show you which causes produce which effects, and what outcomes can be reversed, empowered, replicated, or avoided.

EVERY obstacle I've seen impede both my and my coaching students' progress was rooted in an inability to see the difference between catharsis and investment and who and/or what deserved that investment.

You can learn to speak to your reality in a way that will influence it toward your hopes and dreams. Tribalnomics is the language that will make it so.

It's time to stop feeling better. Start being better today!

"Master Chim's approach to everything seems rooted in the idea that we are usually defeated by our own fears. There is no room for self-pity; only self-reflection. His ability to extract the most out people is legendary."

Sebastian Junger, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of THE PERFECT STORM, WAR, and TRIBE 

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